About ePropelled


We are a leader in magnetics engineering, and our patented technology innovations are used in the air, on the road, and on water, defining the future of electric propulsion.

A few things we’re great at

We design intelligent motors , motor controllers, and generators that help reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency at a lower cost in multiple industries. 


We use optimized materials to provide the best possible efficiency in the industry.


Increased power-to-weight ratio in propulsion systems. Solutions to every application.


Configuring hard materials and soft magnetic materials to reduce power losses.


Leader in cooling technology for propulsion systems from air to liquid cooling.

Engineered With Purpose


Advanced Propulsion System award received for developing our propulsion systems.


Over forty patents towards our innovations, technologies, and discoveries. 


Professional engineering team of power electronics, software, mechanical, and design engineers. 


Innovative technologies such as eDTS, cast cooling jacket, and high power electric machines and drives. 

Why choose us?

Our experts know that the segmented problems of today will not inspire change. We are intimately familiar with the existing electric propulsion technology and its limitations but look towards the future to find the best solutions to the problems of electric motors and generators. Standard products are available off the shelf to simplify build processes, but we can also alter designs according to your specific requirements.

Looking for efficient solutions?