The future of EV electric propulsion is here.

Our eDTS propulsion system changes the economics of EVs.
Learn more in our new paper, Driving EVs to Profitability.

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Frost & Sullivan recognizes ePropelled’s eDTS
with the 2021 North American Automotive
Electric Motor Product Leadership Award

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The first UAV electric power system that can operate in
hybrid propulsion mode

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ePropelled Makes Green Technology Even Greener

ePropelled is building the world's most efficient propulsion
motors to drive a greener future.

Read about how we make EVs even better for the planet.

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Announcement:  ePropelled Creates New Sustainability Motor Division

The Future of Electric Propulsion™

ePropelled designs intelligent motors, motor controllers, and power management systems that help reduce energy consumption and dramatically improve system efficiency at a lower cost. Our patented technology and innovative smart systems are equally at home in the air, on the road, and in water, leading the way towards a greener future. 


  • We are on the verge of the electrification of all things on wheels.
  • Cars, buses, and trucks; scooters, mopeds, and bikes; rickshaws, sport utility vehicles, and an array of marine craft will all use electric propulsion.
  • Our patented technology improves efficiencies by at least 15% enabling electric vehicles of all types to drive farther and become more profitable.
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  • UAVs are becoming ubiquitous in everything from delivery services to infrastructure monitoring.
  • eVTOLs that promise to change urban and intercity movement of people and goods are being developed.
  • Our patented technology improves efficiencies by up to 25% enabling electric vehicles of all sizes to fly smarter and farther.
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ePropelled’s Technology is Enabling the World to Move Towards a Greener Future.

7.9B tonnes

Transport accounts for 7.9 billion tonnes or one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with road travel accounting for three-quarters of it.


Our expansive portfolio of patents demonstrates our position as a market leader in electric propulsion.


Our products can deliver improvements to efficiency that reduce the amount of electricity used by EVs.

Learn About the Future of Electric Propulsion

ePropelled designs and manufactures the most innovative and smartest electric propulsion systems in the world. Our world-class expertise in design, material science, and software control delivers industry-leading platforms for manufacturers whose products rely on the superior performance of electric machines.

We work closely with manufacturers to leverage our technology portfolio and deep expertise to help deliver industry-leading solutions. Let us know how we can help you.

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