In UAVs Reliability Is Key

AVs need reliable tech to keep them flying. But, as we wrote before, this isn’t always the case. The number of UAV crashes is significant and often related to mechanical reliability of the machine. To keep the industry flying forward safely, we need to consider better tech. And with so much happening in the UAV space, it’s easy to miss the new and improved systems offered by companies such as ePropelled.  

We have the broadest range of electric propulsion and electrical power systems for mission-critical UAV applications. 

ePropelled electric propulsion systems include: 

  • Propulsion motors ranging from 500 watts to 12 kW  
  • Matching motor controllers  

Cooling and efficiency are key to our electric motors. Our brushless systems can provide better performance while surviving a great variety of operating conditions and offer improved efficiency and heat dissipation.  

ePropelled electric power systems include: 

  • Starter generators (SG) with enough torque to start the engine while providing power like an alternator 
  • Intelligent power systems (iPS) 
  • Electronic engine starters (EES) 

These components can be mixed and matched to supply 500 watts to 12 kW power.  

Hybrid applications 

We are the first vendor to enable hybrid-mode operations of a UAV power system, working with internal combustion engines to provide electrical power to the aircraft. The power systems offer UAV designers the unique option to optimize engine size while using the battery for range extension, emergency landing, or power assist on takeoff. 

The future of UAVs 

ePropelled’s high-performance systems rely on our patented technologies to meet the needs of all demanding applications. Our systems feature: 

  • Unique cooling technology to enable UAVs to fly higher in thinner air where cooling is a challenge 
  • Smarter systems—using standards-based CAN—that provide access to all sensor data 
  • Best-in-class power and thrust-to-weight ratio for outstanding performance 

Take a look here at some examples of what we can offer: 


iPS750 has a 28 V output and delivers over 750 W of total output power. It comes with an integrated electronic engine starter (EES) that can be used to drive the starter generator during the engine start sequence. 


iPS3000 comes in either 28 V or 48 V output and delivers 3,000 W of total output power. There is an optional external electronic engine starter (EES) unit that can be used to drive the starter generator during the engine start sequence. 


SG750 is small (fitting in the palm of your hand) and weighs just under one pound (440 g). It can produce up to 1,000 W of output power. 


SG3000 is small and weighs only 2.5 pounds (1,132 g). It can produce up to 4,000 W of output power. 


The EES3000 delivers a total output power of 3,000 W utilizing a 24 V input voltage. 

To learn more about our fantastic solutions and systems, email or download our datasheets.