About Us


Our diverse technology portfolio, including patents and designs,img has been adapted to deliver propulsion systems for electric vehicles (EVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Starter generators and Marine propulsion systems.

Beyond these industries, our motors have found applications in cooling pumps for these systems, and we've even adapted them for use in pools and spas, meeting high-efficiency regulations. Our innovations in electric motor development and power electronics are rooted in material science and advanced research. Our patented Dynamic Torque Switching™ technology, designed for electric vehicles, dramatically improves energy efficiency, increasing driving range, extending battery life, and reducing the need for costly batteries. This innovation marks a major leap in EV capabilities.

About us About us

We are headquartered in USA, with additional operations in the United Kingdom and India to ensure presence in our key markets.

Our Process


Our systems recognize that advancements in one area should complement and enhance other aspects of the system. Our innovations are designed to work in synergy, creating a harmonious system that outperforms conventional technologies


We approach every project with a clear focus on the end product's vision. We understand that achieving the desired outcome involves addressing all the issues and limitations of current technology.


Our key philosophy is treating the system as a whole, recognizing that size, performance, cost, and system complexity are interlinked factors that influence manufacturing and performance.


Our technology is a beacon of energy efficiency. By changing the energy use equation, we save significant amounts of energy in various applications. This not only leads to cost savings but, more importantly, it helps businesses and industries significantly cut their carbon footprints, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.


About us

ePropelled's magnetic innovations have set new standards in efficiency, reliability, and performance which represent a paradigm shift in electric motor technology.

Our patented solutions have transformed propulsion motors, starter generators and intelligent power management controllers efficiency, torque, and speed capabilities, leading to unparalleled performance in various applications. Our numerous patents reflect our commitment to pioneering solutions that are changing the landscape of electric propulsion.

We're dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of magnetic technology. Our exciting and disruptive portfolio of patents is expanding and will strengthen ePropelled’s market position ensuring our place as the leader in electric propulsion systems.