About Us

ePropelled designs and manufactures the smartest and most innovative electric propulsion systems in the world. Our world-class expertise in material science, system design, and software lets us deliver platforms for manufacturers whose products rely on the superior performance of electric motors and generators.

ePropelled has adapted its broad technology portfolio of patents and designs to deliver propulsion systems for electric vehicles (EVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL). Since we deliver complete solutions, our motors can be used in cooling pumps for these systems. We have also adapted these as pump motors for pools and spas since new regulations require the high level of efficiency we can deliver.

Manufacturers in all these markets rely on the performance of electric motors to meet their customers’ expectations. We deliver the right range of innovative products that meet all three industries’ needs for higher performance, efficiency, power density, and price. And it’s worth remembering that the total addressable market for these segments will grow to $16 billion in 2025.

Building on Innovation

Electric motors have only seen incremental improvements over the past several decades and total system efficiency has lagged. The power-to-weight ratios demanded by modern-day applications, such as EVs and UAVs, have not kept pace with the rapid improvements in most other spheres of technology. Thus, there is a significant opportunity to disrupt these markets as the world shifts to a more electric future.

ePropelled is a technology company at its heart. Our innovations have led to a broad patent portfolio which we apply to build value-added systems that address some of the most pressing problems and exciting opportunities. We see the shift in electric transportation as an opportunity as great as the emergence of the Internet.

Our innovations in electric motor development and power electronics are based on material science and cutting-edge research. For electric vehicles, our patented Dynamic Torque Switching™ technology produces a dramatically more energy-efficient method of electric propulsion that increases the driving range and life expectancy of the battery pack and/or allows the manufacturers to reduce the size of costly batteries. This is a major improvement to today’s capabilities and will allow manufacturers to profitably deliver the next generation of EVs.

We create complete systems that are smaller and lighter but more powerful and with lower operating costs. Our heritage in technology also enables ePropelled to enhance our systems with smart software features ranging from diagnostics to artificial-intelligence-based self-learning capabilities.

An Expert and Experienced Team

ePropelled has a growing team of more than 70 including six PhDs with over 400 years of combined engineering experience delivering real products that won in real markets.

Our exciting and disruptive portfolio of patents is expanding and will strengthen ePropelled’s market position ensuring our place as the leader in electric propulsion systems.

ePropelled is led by Nick Grewal, an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor in over forty high-tech companies.

We are headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts with additional operations in the United Kingdom and India to ensure presence in our key markets.

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