Sustainable Pump Motors Are a Must for a Greener and Financially Responsible Future

The subject of sustainable pump motors is something that is gaining momentum for various reasons. An article entitled “Sustainable Pump Motors: Green is Good Business” in Pumps & Systems June issue addresses them in detail.

Its author and ePropelled’s head of sustainability motors division, Nick DeSilvio, dives into the energy use problem, regulatory requirements, competitiveness, and efficiency of pump motors. Starting with the energy problem, Nick outlines why pump users and the environment alike cannot afford to stick to the old-style pump motors. He says:

“(…) pumps are responsible for 21% of all industrial sector motor system electricity consumption. Lowering this number will make pumps greener and reduce operational costs.”

With the number of people on the planet rising fast, industries need to keep up with the demand for all services, water, and electricity. Using the “same old” pumps will increase costs and greenhouse gases significantly. There is no reason why we can’t look for more efficient options that will reduce costs for the manufacturers and users, as well as reduce their carbon footprint and energy use.

Another point to remember is that, although the natural environment might not be the first things to consider for manufacturers or industry leaders, it definitely is high on the regulatory agenda. In the article, Nick points out that the European Union and the United States are introducing new regulations that affect required efficiency levels and energy conservation standards.

As specified in the article, regardless of the national or international regulations, going green is good business.

“Pump manufacturers that can meet the regulatory mandates will have a competitive advantage in the market.

Greener motors have tangible benefits to customers.

Savings from lower electric bills are important, particularly when costs are rising. Electricity costs for industrial use rose almost 6% from a national average of 6.9 cents per kWh in January 2021 to 7.3 cents in January 2022.”

Being competitive and green is not only possible, it’s necessary. So it’s important to focus on efficiency and finding solutions that beat the current levels. Induction motors are typically 75% efficient at best. This is not good enough and we know that better results are possible because ePropelled’s high efficiency 3 HP variable speed pump motor is 95% efficient.

Nick makes a point to drive home the possibilities:

“What we have found is that a well-designed system can actually use less material, resulting in motors and drives that are smaller, lighter, and very cost effective. By taking a systems approach in motor evaluation, pump manufacturers can optimize their products to meet the end customers’ goals and the regulatory requirements.”

To learn more about pump motor efficiencies, the green problem, the relevant regulations, and the future potential of the industry, read the full article here. You can also learn more about Nick and our sustainability division here.