• Electronic Magnetic Gearing improves performance by 25%
    Electronic Magnetic Gearing improves performance by 25%
    How will you use it?
  • ePropelled’s UAV motors use EMG
    ePropelled’s UAV motors use EMG
    to fly higher and longer
  • Our high performance EMG starter generators
    Our high performance EMG starter generators
    are lighter and cooler
  • Extend EV range or cut battery cost
    Extend EV range or cut battery cost
    With a 25% increase in motor efficiency

The Future of Electric Propulsion

ePropelled is the leader in magnetic engineering innovations that dramatically improve electric motor and generator efficiency for propulsion systems in many industries.

Learn more about how our patented electromagnetic propulsion technology can be used in aviation, electric vehicles and water pumps:

Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and aerospace systems demand high reliability, high availability, and high power density for their applications while aiming to reduce weight, complexity, fuel consumption, operational costs, and environmental impact. As these manufacturers work toward the “more electric aircraft,” ePropelled’s patented technology is an ideal way to drive major improvements in aerospace propulsion in a variety of products ranging from personal or military-grade UAVs to jets.

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Electric Vehicles

Consumers demand both the performance and range that makes Electric Vehicles practical. We must improve the efficiency of the electric motor in today's vehicles. This requires large battery packs which account for as much as 50% of the cost of an Electric Vehicle. Electric Vehicle manufacturers need a way to drive cost down while meeting the consumers’ goals for both performance and range. ePropelled's electric motor for cars can improve performance, range, and cost.

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Water Pumps

ePropelled's magnetic motor can also be applied to pump jet propeulsion. Our line of water pumps and controllers can be used for recreational, industrial and agricultural pumping applications. The system combines the world’s first in-line, liquid cooled inverter with an energy efficient pump for complete control of the water flow speed. The system replaces the fixed speed centrifugal pump with the benefit of significant energy savings and water management.

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