Keep Cool

Our propulsion motors set a new standard for performance. The innovative design of our high-efficiency motors provides the best thrust-to-weight ratio in their class and our advanced cooling technology allows UAVs to fly higher.

Smooth Operator

Our frameless stators and rotors are ideal for applications requiring high power in a compact form factor. What’s more, they are engineered to provide high performance, long life, and simple installation with cooling and efficiency being key. Our brushless systems can provide better performance under a great variety of operating conditions, and offer improved efficiency and heat dissipation.

On Another Level

Our propulsion motors are compact and lightweight, saving significant weight in the aircraft while delivering specific power of up to 4 kW/kg. They can be paired with our intelligent air motor controllers or electronic speed controllers for the smartest onboard electrical propulsion system in the industry.

Propulsion Motors (PMs)


Compact and light weight solution.


Heat dissipation you’ve got to see to believe.


Built for dependability.

Operate Longer With Ease

Our propulsion motors are built with quality materials and are assembled in the USA. They are available in a wide range of sizes and power (from continuous power of 750 W to 12 kW) to meet the requirements of even the most demanding mission profiles.


Peak power of up to 2 kW.


Peak power of up to 4 kW.


Peak power of up to 10 kW.


Peak power of up to 12 kW.


Peak power of up to 15 kW.