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ePropelled's Magnetic Starter Generators

The permanent magnet brushless generator or magnetic starter generator is a critical component for ensuring the electrical system can meet the design objectives of the device.

ePropelled’s magnetic starter generators are the most versatile in their category. Its slim line design boasts a patent pending active air-cooling system that allows it to operate in temperatures in excess of 200°C. Our unique adapter allows bearingless mounting of the starter generator directly on to engines.

Weight, operating temperature and efficiency have a major influence on performance parameters such as operational duration, payload, operating ceiling and range. In addition, the starter generator must integrate with other electrical system components.


ePropelled’s technology enables high continuous operating temperature range (up to 200°C). For example, this would allow a UAV to operate at higher altitude where the air is thinner or in an enclosed environment.


The outer rotor series boasts the lowest weight in its class with outstanding power density.


The lightweight and compact design combines a high-power density (2.3kW/kg continuous, 6kW/kg peak) with high efficiency (above 90%).

Our series of magnetic starter generators can be customized to meet your exact application including low and very high-power output options. ePropelled offers a range of electrical system components, such as Power Management Units, that are engineered to work with these starter generators.


  • Bearingless option available with dedicated mounting jig
  • Directly driven on engine crankshaft with customizable shaft coupling ring
  • Optional customizable active air-cooling rotor hub
  • Optional K-type thermal sensor to measure winding temperature

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