UAV Electric Power Systems

The broadest range of electric power systems for mission-critical UAV applications

Our electric power systems family includes:

These modular components can be matched to meet your mission requirements and supply from 500 watts to 12 kW electrical power.

Fly Higher, Fly Longer, Fly Smarter

ePropelled high-performance systems are designed and built in the United States for commercial, security, and defense uses, and meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Standard products are available off the shelf to simplify your build process, but we can also alter designs according to your specific requirements.

Our systems feature:
  • Unique cooling technology to enable UAVs to fly higher in thinner air where cooling is a challenge
  • Unmatched power and thrust-per-weight ratio to meet challenging mission parameters
  • Smarter systems—using standards-based CAN—that provide access to all sensor data

ePropelled is the first vendor to enable hybrid-mode operations of a UAV power system, working with internal combustion engines to provide electrical power to the aircraft. The power systems offer UAV designers the unique option to optimize engine size while using the battery for range extension, emergency landing, or power assist on takeoff.

Our solutions keep the weight and cost low while extending flight time and allowing the aircraft to be self-contained when starting the engine.

For more information on our hybrid-ready technology, get our datasheets or application note.

Starter Generators

The ePropelled starter generator (SG) series are the most versatile starter generators in their category, allowing for extended flight time, reduced noise, and increased power. Our family of starter generators ranges from 500 watts to 12 kW and while they provide the same power generation as an alternator, they have enough torque to start the engine. When paired with our power electronics, the SGs can also support hybrid applications.

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Intelligent Power Systems

ePropelled intelligent power systems (iPS) take the AC generated by the starter generator and convert it to DC to power the onboard avionics, servos, and payloads. The iPS monitors all input and output voltage, as well as current levels, collecting and reporting that data via an integrated CAN interface. Our open API allows for the creation of custom applications and setting thresholds for alerts and alarms based on specific mission profiles.

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Electronic Engine Starters

Our electronic engine starters (EES) use an onboard battery to send power to the starter generator to start the engine. This allows the UAV to be completely self-contained. The EES also allows the SG to function as a battery-powered motor for hybrid applications including power assist for takeoff and extended range for emergency landings.

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DC-DC Converters

These sophisticated DC-DC converters allow for efficiencies of up to 93.5% (load dependent), status reporting via software API and CAN bus, and real-time data monitoring for all voltages, currents, and temperatures. They also send alerts to the system controller and provide overcurrent and short circuit protection.

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