We want to share our inspirations with the world.

Our flexible technology portfolio represents a major innovation in the market, just as many industries and society as a whole are gearing up for a greener world. We apply our knowledge and experience to create solutions based on in-depth research and thorough testing while looking into the future for inspiration.


The transformation of the industry and society is a fundamental market shift that will expand rapidly in the next several years due to government policy, manufacturer investments, and consumer demand. The solution to this shift is about delivering emerging technology.


Going electric follows the need for a greener future and more environmentally friendly solutions. By changing the energy use equation, our much more efficient technology saves significant amounts of energy thus reducing carbon footprints.


Manufacturers need to meet consumer preferences and requirements by reducing cost and improving performance. ePropelled best enables manufacturers to enhance the profitability of their products. 

The future of propulsion is electric. Mobility is already transitioning towards this future, creating a need for more innovative solutions. It’s our job to lead the way as we continue to evolve with the markets and the solutions required for a greener future.

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