ePropelled is committed to a quality management system that recognizes customer standards and that of ISO 9001:2015. Our quality policy is built around 4 C’s – Committed Ownership, Contributions, Continuous Improvement, and Competence.

Committed Ownership: ePropelled is committed to the implementation of a total quality organization where all employees are responsible for, and take ownership of, the quality of their own work. Our mission is to supply our internal and external customers with superior products and services that always meet, and often exceed, expectations. This policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives on a continual basis.

Contributions: Total quality within the organization is achieved, through the efforts of all employees, in support of a quality management system that is integral to every aspect of the company’s operations. Our Quality Management System conforms to recognized customer standards and ISO 9001:2015.

Continuous Improvement: The company sets improvement goals each year for a series of key quality objectives, which as a minimum, are rate of material returned and customer complaints to promote the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Competence: Development of all employees through appropriate education and training ensures the optimum use of our most valuable resource and supports continuous improvement in every activity.