Pump Smarter

The pool and spa markets are going through a wave of disruptive innovation. Consumer demand and regulatory requirements for greener and more energy-efficient products are an opportunity for pump system manufacturers to save energy and money by introducing new, more effective technologies.  

And clearing the decks are smart variable-speed electric motors that reduce energy costs for the consumer and enable manufacturers to add new features and functions to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. 

Blowing Competition Out of the Water 

The pool and spa markets depend on water pump motors to move water into filtration systems or to circulate fresh water into pools. This might sound simple enough, but there are challenges that the industry has been struggling with, most notably the size and weight of the motors, the level of noise they produce, and the costs of energy required to run them. 

  • Our unique technology has been adapted specifically for spa and pool pump applications, which is an advantage over induction and other VSD motors.  
  • Our motors are 95% efficient, while current induction technology is only 75% efficient. 
Smooth Sailing 

Manufacturers need water pump motors that can make them more competitive and provide end users with a superior product. ePropelled experts can help you achieve both these goals.

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