Lowell, MA and Chennai, India | November 30, 2021 – ePropelled today announced the appointment of Thiru Srinivasan as managing director of its operations in Chennai, India.

The Massachusetts-based technology company that offers leading-edge electric powertrain systems will charge Thiru with continuing the expansion of its Indian business, as well as leading the efforts in its micro-mobility electric vehicle (EV) sectors.

ePropelled uses its broad portfolio of innovations and patents to meet the needs of eMobility and sustainability manufacturers across global markets, and it is confident that Thiru’s experience and leadership will expand its reach and establish the company as an integral part of the micro-mobility sector, which includes three- and four-wheel light EVs, in India.

Thiru is a technology, product development, manufacturing, and energy industry leader with over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering and operations, with his last three years in advisory roles at various eMobility-focused companies. His career spans two continents, with nearly 15 years spent in the U.S., and more than 20 years of engaging with companies in China and Southeast Asia. Throughout his career, Thiru’s work has been recognized with many awards, including three U.S. patents in product design.

In addition to his EV expertise, Thiru’s interest in adjacent industries, such as energy storage and electric aerospace solutions, will also be invaluable in helping the company’s predicted aggressive growth.

“We are excited to have Thiru join our team and have his expertise and leadership help us achieve in India and elsewhere,” said Nick Grewal, ePropelled’s CEO and president. “His in-depth knowledge and experience in the two- and three-wheeler industry will be a great asset as we keep expanding into the eMobility market in India and the rest of Asia.”

Thiru said, “Electric mobility and drivetrains will be valued for having higher power at lower speeds, and higher efficiencies of converting energy carried in batteries or drawn from the grid.  Advancements in these areas will make electric mobility supremely competitive versus IC engine-based mobility. It’s a chance for these new technologies to be inside mobility products around the world in a wide range of applications. ePropelled has the best potential for this, and reducing the size of the battery for the same range is revolutionary. I am excited to be part of this team and look forward to the opportunity ahead.”

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ePropelled designs intelligent motors, motor controllers, and generators that help reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency at a lower cost in the UAV, EV, and pump markets. We are a leader in magnetics engineering, and our patented technology and innovative smart power systems are equally at home in the air, on the road, and under water, defining the future of electric propulsion.

ePropelled has offices in the United States, Europe, and India and works with manufacturers of various types and sizes around the world. For more information, visit epropelled.com

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