Lowell, MA | October 19, 2021 – ePropelled, the Massachusetts-based technology company that offers leading-edge electric propulsion systems, today announced that Ricardo provided its tools and expertise to help them develop its in-house electric motor simulation system and to support them in their mission to become the leader in electric propulsion systems.

ePropelled has selected Ricardo’s complete vehicle system modeling and simulation tool, IGNITE, to help them develop an innovative technology in e-motor and propulsion control system design. Featuring comprehensive built-in automotive Modelica libraries, IGNITE enables quick and accurate modelling of conventional and highly complex vehicle system models, including e-motor, propulsion control system, and novel vehicles.

With governments around the world setting ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, the transport sector has seen huge growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Suppliers are looking for ways to reduce the size and costs of batteries and increase the energy efficiency of the powertrain, while delivering the range and reliability expected from consumers. ePropelled’s goal is to meet these needs with their patented eDTSTM technology.

IGNITE will provide system-level simulations to allow the assessment and optimization of their electric propulsion system, which will help to reduce overall product development time and costs, enabling them to bring their product to market faster.

Kim Matenchuk, managing director of Ricardo Software said: “At Ricardo, our aim is to help clients create a cleaner future, so we are excited that our software tools will support the development of such cutting-edge technology in the electric vehicle space. The race is on for OEMs and suppliers to deliver the technology that not only meets government legislation but can also measure up to consumer expectations. ePropelled promises to do just that.”

ePropelled’s Dr Nabeel Shirazee, global CTO and MD, said: “ePropelled is committed to developing market-leading products that benefit our customers and support the effort of a greener future. IGNITE offers unique capabilities to evaluate the e-motor, switch matrix, and control system design performance at the vehicle level. It was used in developing our eDTS system and we use it to model how eDTS technology improves the efficiency of any EV model. With Ricardo’s expertise, the software will support us in evaluating and optimizing our technology further to deliver smaller battery packs, increase driving range, and improve energy efficiency of EV propulsion systems.”

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About ePropelled

ePropelled designs intelligent motors, motor controllers, and generators that help reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency at a lower cost in the UAV, EV, and pump markets. We are a leader in magnetics engineering, and our patented technology and innovative smart power systems are equally at home in the air, on the road, and under water, defining the future of electric propulsion.

ePropelled has offices in the United States, Europe, and India and works with manufacturers of various types and sizes around the world. For more information, visit epropelled.com

About Ricardo

Ricardo plc is a world-class environmental, engineering, and strategic consulting company listed on the London Stock Exchange. With over 100 years of engineering excellence, we provide exceptional levels of expertise in delivering leading edge and innovative cross sector sustainable products and solutions, helping our global customers increase efficiencies, achieve growth and create a clear and safer future. Our mission is clear –- to create a world fit for the future. For more information visit www.ricardo.com.

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