Lowell, MA | November 21, 2019 – ePropelled opens its doors in Boott Mills today, launching its innovative electro-magnetic propulsion technology that will transform the electric motor industry and bring back manufacturing to Massachusetts. ePropelled Boott Mills site will house its corporate and engineering headquarters, which will oversee its operations in Europe and Asia, and the company expects to open an additional location for a full-scale manufacturing center in the greater Lowell area within 6-9 months.

Lowell, the first planned factory town in the country, is known as “the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution”.​ Named after Francis Cabot Lowell, a pioneer textile industrialist, the town grew to become a renowned center of cotton textile manufacturing and a major industrial city within the USA. Bringing jobs and manufacturing back to Lowell would greatly improve the economic development of the city.

ePropelled’s patented magnetic gearing motor produces a more efficient method of electric propulsion at various torque and speed levels. It can deliver a 25% improvement in efficiency and a major increase in performance. In the propulsion market, this translates into reduced cost by requiring fewer battery packs or extending the range, or a combination of the two. There are also environmental benefits of this product. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric motor systems consume more than 50% of global electricity and industrial motor systems account for more than 70% of the total global industrial electricity consumption. ePropelled’s technology would therefore provide much needed relief to the grid.

ePropelled’s Founder and CEO, Nick Grewal, is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor in over forty high tech companies. He has served on a number of company boards and as an advisor for venture capital firms in the Boston area. Nick has served as a Vice President at Cisco Systems and has led engineering, business development, and operational teams as an executive at CrossCom, Proteon, Fibronics and Compugraphics. Grewal says, “I truly believe that electro-magnetic motors and propulsion is the wave of the future. Electric vehicles are starting to take off and this product could revolutionize the industry with cost and space reduction. We are at the intersection of research and ‘everything electric’ and ePropelled is in the right place at the right time.”

ePropelled’s Global Chief Technology Officer, Nabeel Shirazee, studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Leicester University, his Master’s in Magnetic Engineering at Cardiff University where he continued his Ph.D. studies and developed a permanent magnet lifting system that was patented by Cardiff University. His keen interest in magnetics led to a patented magnetic levitation system, which was awarded the “World’s No 1 Invention” at INPEX in the USA. He has been involved with various challenging projects, including the design of an actuator motor for a British aerospace company. Shirazee says, “I have spent most of my adult life researching and perfecting this product. It is a dream come true to finally bring it to production. The market is ready for it now and the opportunity for this motor to become the electric motor of choice for every vehicle or device is a real possibility.” 

About ePropelled: ePropelled is the leader in magnetic engineering innovations that dramatically improve electric motor and generator efficiency for propulsion applications in aviation, aerospace and electric vehicles as well as industrial uses. Our combination of motor design with software control produces a much more efficient method of electric propulsion at various torque and speed levels. Originally formed as Electronica, the company has already won several grant awards from the Welsh Government, Technology Strategy Board and the Carbon Trust for innovative designs. For more information, please visit www.epropelled.com.