Lowell, MA | July 15, 2020 – ePropelled, a global leader in magnetic engineering technology for electro-magnetic motors, today announced that they will open a new facility in New Hampshire located within Laconia Municipal Airport. The facility will serve as a place to perform customer-specific engineering projects and intense product lifecycle testing for their electric motors and related products in the aerospace, aqua-leisure, and electric vehicle markets.

“We can meet our growing number of customers from all over the world at Laconia Airport. Together with their engineering and product development teams we can collaborate on custom projects and they can see the progress of work being performed by traveling to the airport,” said Dorian Davies, VP Sales & Business Development. “Having this site at an airport means that our aerospace customers can fly their corporate aircraft directly into the airport, right where their projects are taking place.”

The new facility is a 10,000 square foot, multi-story building, consisting of offices, a conference room, electrical labs, an automobile lab, an aqua lab, and 6,400 square feet of aircraft lab.

“We chose Laconia Municipal Airport for its size, structure, 6,000 feet of runway, distance to major cities within New England, and an ideal environment and airspace for testing of future or unmanned air vehicles”, said Nick DeSilvio, Director of Operations. “This facility is a perfect setting to house large test rigs for product development and testing.”

The NH facility, ePropelled’s fourth location, is set to open this month with new employees. This particular site is seeking to employ additional skilled workers over the next twelve months. ePropelled also has locations in Lowell, MA, USA; Cardiff, Wales, UK; and Chennai, India.

### About ePropelled ePropelled is a leader in magnetic engineering innovations that define the future of electric propulsion.  Our patented intelligent motors and generators are software controlled and create new levels of energy and system-level efficiencies in aviation, aerospace and electric vehicles, as well as in industrial and HVAC applications. For more information, please visit www.ePropelled.com.