Lowell, MA | November 9, 2020 – ePropelled, a leader in magnetic engineering technology for electro-magnetic motors and drives, today announced the appointment of Dr. Anthony Gee to the company’s Chief Technology Office in Cardiff, Wales. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Anthony Gee to ePropelled’s CTO Office to assist with research and development projects,” said CTO Nabeel Shirazee. “Tony has deep experience in power electronics and electric propulsion. His many years in engineering research will serve us well as we prepare to develop new technologies in magnetic engineering.” Gee holds a PhD from University of Bath and a Bachelor’s of Cybernetics and Control Engineering from University of Reading, both of the UK. Gee has over twenty years’ experience in engineering and research related to power electronics, motor drives, thermal analysis and cooling design, magnetic design and construction, modeling, simulation, and data processing. He has also worked on products for many industries including health and medicine, solar and wind energy, marine, rail, aerospace, and automotive. IEEE has several articles about his work in these industries.

Gee says, “I am so excited to join the CTO Office of ePropelled. ePropelled’s ground-breaking technology in electric motors for multiple industries is a perfect culmination of the work I’ve done during my career. I’m thrilled to be jumping back into research and working with Nabeel and team to create new technologies to help this company grow.” About ePropelled ePropelled is a leader in magnetic engineering innovations that define the future of electric propulsion.  Our patented intelligent motors, generators, and motor controllers are software controlled and create new levels of energy and system-level efficiencies in aviation, aerospace and electric vehicles, as well as in industrial and HVAC applications. For more information, please visit www.ePropelled.com.