Lowell, MA | July 13, 2021 – The Massachusetts-based technology company that offers leading-edge electric propulsion systems will charge Hudson with the continued development and execution of its EV strategy. ePropelled uses its broad portfolio of innovations and patents to meet the needs of eMobility manufacturers across global markets, and they are confident that Hudson’s experience and leadership will enhance their value to customers.

Hudson is an automotive industry leader with over 40 years of experience in engineering and professional services. He spent more than 15 years at Jaguar Cars before moving into automotive consultancy, working with leading powertrain companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. For the past decade, he has worked with India’s Tata Motors to add to their technical strength and to support their electrification strategic plan.

 “We are very excited to welcome David to the team and are looking forward to his strategic leadership,” said Nick Grewal, ePropelled’s CEO and president. “His extensive knowledge and experience in vehicle and powertrain engineering, including low-carbon technologies, will be invaluable as we grow. David’s deep experience in the industry informs us of the customers’ perspective as we bring our extraordinary technology to market. His dedication to process improvement initiatives and strategic technology planning will help us grow as the market for eMobility expands.”

Hudson commented, “I saw ePropelled’s progress from my advisory position and I was very impressed with their level of innovation. I am looking forward to providing more significant and focused contributions to the company and I am excited about what we can achieve in the EV market. ePropelled technology is something that fascinated me from the beginning, so helping them make an impact in the EV world is an opportunity I’m thrilled about.”

About ePropelled:
ePropelled is a leader in magnetics engineering, innovations that define the future of electric propulsion. Our patented intelligent motors, generators, and motor controllers are software controlled and create new levels of system and energy efficiencies in aerospace, electric vehicles, and industrial applications.

For more information, please visit www.ePropelled.com.