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We are on the verge of electrification of all vehicles. But it’s important to remember that EVs are not only cars and trucks—micromobility is gaining momentum too. Price, environmental concerns, and convenience are only some of the reasons for the impressive growth in the use of fully- or partially-powered modes of transport ranging from scooters, through electric bikes, all the way to tuk-tuks and light four-wheel vehicles.

Micromobility can reduce urban transport emissions, solve the last-mile problem, help private businesses by contributing to urban deliveries, and its low-cost characteristics can support and improve accessibility and increase social mobility. This is clearly a case of “small but mighty.”

Small Giant

Size, performance, and cost are all interlinked, which is why many of the solutions in one area need to contribute to improvements in others. And ePropelled leads the way in reducing the ever-increasing complexity of these challenges.

  • eScooters are a fast-growing segment of the market. New regulations are driving the shift to electric for these products. Consumers expect comparable range and may have limited access to charging.
  • Three- and four-wheel light electric vehicles are often put to work carrying or towing significant loads. They can all use similar small motors, but a common concern with lighter electric vehicles is the frequency of charging.

ePropelled motors and drives can improve the driving range and the energy consumption of these vehicles. We achieve that through reduced current draw and more efficient battery use that extends its life and range even when there is high torque demand.


Light EVs—such as three-wheelers used for last-mile delivery and taxi services as well as four-wheelers used in construction, farming, and outdoor sports—often need to carry as much as 1,000 pounds or tow up to 1,500 pounds. This requires higher torque, which can drain the battery and compromise range when charging is an issue. ePropelled’s patented technology delivers multiple modes of motor operation so that high torque doesn’t run down the battery while still delivering high efficiency. This provides the necessary performance while ensuring that both the charge and the battery last longer.

Whatever their energy and size needs, ePropelled can provide manufacturers with the right motor systems for different types of small EVs, from two-wheelers to three- and four-wheelers that cover anything from tuk-tuks, through agricultural vehicles, to golf carts. Our unique electric propulsion system can be implemented in a wide range of sizes and form factors.

ePropelled can be an integral part of any light EV, regardless of location. We ensure that our products comply with local requirements and guidelines while providing manufacturers with the most efficient and intelligent electric propulsion solutions. Our global footprint allows us to work closely with all customers.

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