Intelligent Air Motor Controllers

The Most Innovative ESCs on the Market

ePropelled intelligent air motor controllers (iAMCs) are the most innovative electronic speed controllers (ESCs) on the market, designed to enable advanced electric propulsion systems for the most demanding applications.

They are built to work alongside our lightweight propulsion motors to create a high-performance, high-efficiency propulsion system for your aircraft.

Our iAMCs are designed to:
  • be lightweight with outstanding power density,
  • transform DC input voltage into a 3-phase AC output voltage, acting as the brain of the electric motor, and
  • sense minute changes in the motor’s direction, acceleration, and other parameters, and then automatically adapt to them for optimized stability and control precision.

ePropelled modular propulsion systems are compact and lightweight, saving significant weight in the aircraft, while our standards-based controller area network (CAN) capabilities provide complete visibility into the performance of the propulsion system, allowing you to fly smarter.

The iAMCs are built with quality materials and are assembled in the USA. They are available in a wide range of sizes and power to meet the requirements of even the most demanding mission profiles. They were also designed to match with our UAV propulsion motors for the smartest onboard electrical propulsion system in the industry.


Peak power from 1900 W (at 48 VDC) to 2500 W (at 72 VDC).

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Peak power from 4100 W (at 48 VDC) to 8250 W (at 72 VDC).

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Peak power from 9700 W (48 VDC) to 19400 W (at 72 VDC).

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Peak power from 14400 W (at 48 VDC) to 28850 W (at 72 VDC).

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