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ePropelled’s Intelligent Power Systems (iPS) sets a new bar in power management through its software interface, through which it communicates various status and alerts. ePropelled’s IPS is a complete power management solution for your aircraft. Our iPS provides steady regulated DC power for your onboard avionics, servo, and payload requirements by taking in 3-phase sinusoidal AC voltages from a starter generator such as ePropelled’s Starter Generator family.

These smart iPSs also provide a wide array of real-time performance and operational data for a range of useful applications and analytics. Supports a wide range of applications across several sectors where consistent and reliable power management is required.

ePropelled iPS monitors the current levels, input, and output voltages to provides the data collected via an integrated Controller Area Network (CAN) interface. Aircraft and power system designers can create custom applications via our open API (Application Programming Interface) and you can set thresholds for alerts and alarms based on your specific applications and mission profiles.

Intelligent Power Systems for UAVs are built with quality materials and are assembled in the USA.

Our family of IPSs are available in a wide range of sizes and power (from 750 W to 12 kW) to meet the requirements of your defense, security, or commercial mission profiles:


The iPS750 is a 28V output delivering over 750W of total output power. The iPS750 comes with an Electronic Engine Starter (EES) that can be used to drive the starter generator during the engine start sequence.

Electric Starter Generators


iPS3000 comes in either 28V or 48V output and delivers 3000W of total output power.

Electric Starter Generators


iPS6000 comes in either 28V or 48V output and delivers 6000W of total output power.

Electric Starter Generators


You can get 12000W of total output power by stacking two iPS6000s together.

Electric Starter Generators

UAV Intelligent Power Systems (IPS) can be paired with ePropelled’s Starter Generators for the smartest onboard avionics in the industry.

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