Combining the best material science and engineering research for real world solutions.

Inspire Change

ePropelled is focused on science, innovation, and invention, building on our expertise in material science, system design, and propulsion software.

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Our experts know that the segmented problems of today will not inspire change. We are intimately familiar with the existing electric propulsion technology and its limitations but look towards the future to find the best solutions to the problems of electric motors and generators.


We focus on what the end product needs to be and work towards that vision with the knowledge that all the issues and limitations of the current technology should be solved by treating the system as a whole. Size, performance, cost, and level of system complexity all play a part in manufacturing and performance, so we ensure that many of the solutions in one area contribute to improvements in others.


Our innovative, synergistic solutions can be applied in various industries to fulfill manufacturers’ needs for higher performance, efficiency, power density, and price, and to help them meet their customers’ expectations.


All ePropelled products are interconnected—our water pump motors are based on the UAV motors, while pumps are also needed for EVs and eVTOLs. It’s all linked together by our leading-edge technology that can be applied to all electric motors and generators.


We create complete systems that are smaller and lighter but more powerful than others and with lower operating costs. Our heritage in technology also enables us to enhance our systems with smart software features. This allows our systems to continually control and monitor their operations, provide real-time updates, and save data to help end users improve machine performance.

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