ePropelled is the first vendor to enable hybrid mode operations of a UAV power system, working with internal combustion engines to provide electrical power to the aircraft.  The power systems offer UAV designers the unique option to optimize engine size while using the battery for range extension, emergency landing, or power assist on takeoff. 

This functionality allows for a smaller engine in situations that demand high power (such as takeoff) or to extend the range of the aircraft using battery power. 

Two product features make Hybrid Ready™ possible: 

  • Our starter generators (SG) have enough torque to start the engine in addition to supplying power (like an alternator) during flight.  
  • The design of our electronic engine starter (EES) allows this dual operation to use battery power to both start the engine and add power for propulsion.  

Hybrid solutions need to be able to keep weight and cost down while extending flight time and allowing the aircraft to be self-contained when starting the engine. ePropelled is delivering a solution to meet that need. 

The Hybrid Ready™ electrical power systems family includes all our starter generators, intelligent power systems (also known as power management units or PMUs), and electronic engine starters. These modular components can be mixed and matched to supply from 500 watts to 12 kW of power. 

For more information on Hybrid Ready™ get our application note

Starter Generators

Starter Generators use the mechanical energy from the internal combustion engine (ICE). ePropelled has a family of starter generators ranging from 500 Watts to 12 kW. While our SGs provide the same power generation as an alternator, they have enough torque to start the engine. When paired with our power electronics, the SGs can also support hybrid applications.


Intelligent Power Systems

ePropelled’s Intelligent Power Systems take the AC generated by the SG and convert it to DC to power the onboard systems. The iPS also gathers sensor data and provides access via an industry-standard CAN bus.


Electronic Engine Starters

The Electronic Engine Starters use an onboard battery to send power to the starter generator to start the engine. This allows the UAV to be completely self-contained. The EES also allows the SG to function as a battery-powered motor for hybrid applications including power assist for take-off and extended range for emergency landings.



DC to DC Converter

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