Perfect Pair

ePropelled is the first vendor to enable hybrid-mode operations of a UAV power system, working with internal combustion engines to provide electrical power to the aircraft. The power systems offer UAV designers the unique option to optimize engine size while using the battery for range extension, emergency landing, or power assist on takeoff.

Hybrid Ready™ UAV line 

One of our key innovations is hybrid-ready electric power system, enabling a mode of operation that combines an internal combustion engine with electric propulsion and onboard power generation. Power requirements for takeoff and steady flight are very different, which means that you can end up with an engine that is not as fuel-efficient as possible, adds weight, reduces flight time, and adds cost to the overall design.

ePropelled is the first vendor to enable the power system to work in hybrid mode by marrying:  your internal combustion engine,  our combined starter generator and propulsion motor, our intelligent air motor controller with a built-in electronic engine starter, and  our intelligent power system (PMU).  

Our starter generator can be changed from power-generation mode to power-assist mode, enabling it to draw power from the battery and use it for propulsion, thereby supplementing the engine. 

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Less weight means more flying time.

Power assist

Takeoff has never been so easy.


Thinking about a smaller engine because of costs?