Make Your UAV Self-Contained

Many UAVs still use internal combustion engines because they provide efficient propulsion systems. Unfortunately, external starters can add complexity in the field that a self-contained system avoids and engine power requirements can often lead to choosing an engine that: 

  • is not as fuel-efficient as possible for steady flight,  
  • adds additional weight,  
  • reduces flight time, and  
  • increases cost to the aircraft.

Unique Hybrid Ready Option

An intelligent and integrated power electronics system can help solve this problem. Incorporating an electronic engine starter as a component of the power electronics eliminates the need for separate external starters. 

Internal combustion engine starter generators for UAVs and other aircraft can be powered by ePropelled electronic engine starters (EES). This allows the starter generator to function as a battery-powered motor for hybrid applications, including power assist for takeoff and extended range for emergency landings. Our EESMC6000 was designed to provide this flexibility when paired with our starter generator, which has the necessary torque.

ePropelled electronic engine starters are built with quality materials and are assembled in the USA. They are available in two sizes (3000 W and 6000 W) to meet the requirements of most mission profiles.

They can be paired with our intelligent power systems (iPS) and starter generators (SG) for the smartest onboard systems in the industry. 


The EES3000 delivers a total output power of 3000 W utilizing a 24 V input voltage.


The EES6000 delivers a total output power of 6000 W utilizing a 96 V input voltage.


The Hybrid Ready EESMC6000 combines the EES6000 with a motor controller. 

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