Dynamic Torque Switching™

Built for a smaller, lighter, more powerful solution.

Our patented technology for electric powertrain systems, is an innovative drive system concept that allows a single electric machine to dynamically change between several modes, each optimized for different points in the drive cycle. The control system is designed to allow the transition between the modes to take place seamlessly to deliver optimum torque/speed/efficiency characteristics in real time.

Our Technology

Our technology produces a much more energy-efficient method of electric propulsion that increases driving range or allows the manufacturers to reduce battery sizes. It also extends the life expectancy of the battery pack.

Energy saved

We provide a reduction of at least 15% in system level energy consumption. That means a longer distance can be obtained between charges.

lower costs

Smaller batteries and better efficiencies result in lower vehicle costs.


Our powertrain system provides cost and weight savings by reducing the size of the battery pack by at least 15% for the same range. Our motor design with adaptive power electronics drive, innovative cooling technology, and real-time-torque switching matrix is a glimpse into the future of this industry technology.