DC-DC Converter

A Sophisticated DC-DC Voltage Converter

ePropelled D10 allows for:

  • efficiencies of up to 93.5% (load dependent),
  • status reporting via software API and CAN bus, and
  • real-time data monitoring for all voltages, currents, and temperatures.

It also sends alerts to the system controller and provides overcurrent and short circuit protection.

DC10 accepts standard output voltage of 28 V or 48 V while providing three DC outputs of its own—one primary output that matches the primary input voltage, and two secondary outputs at 12 V and 5 V.

It has a secondary DC input for an onshore battery. The secondary DC input provides power to all three outputs if the primary DC input is not present or is out of range, but it does not charge the onboard connected battery.

ePropelled DC-DC converters are built with quality materials and are assembled in the USA. They deliver a total output power of 3,000 W utilizing a 25 V input voltage.

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