Dynamic Torque Switching

ePropelled’s Dynamic Torque Switching™ (eDTS) uses an innovative software-controlled reconfigurable propulsion motor that is the foundation of a complete EV powertrain system. eDTS allows the electric motor to provide high torque at low speeds without drawing high current from the batteries. It also provides high speeds at low torque levels without using field weakening, thereby increasing the efficiencies throughout. Unlike conventional motors which have one high efficiency “sweet spot,” eDTS creates multiple modes each with high efficiency. Increasing power efficiency by at least 15% will allow manufacturers to reduce the size and cost of their battery packs or extend the range, making EVs more profitable and affordable.

This patented technology is a drive system concept that allows a single electric machine to dynamically change between several modes to provide a much broader range of high efficiencies for low power consumption. The control system uses Adaptive Shift Maps to allow the transition between the modes to take place seamlessly to deliver optimum torque, speed, and efficiency characteristics in real-time.

The system is comprised of three main components:

  • The eDTS motor is a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous brushless machine
  • The Power Electronics Drive provides the software control and the invertor
  • The Matrix Switch ties these two components together by changing how the the motor winding are charged

The Future of Electric Propulsion

Our solution produces a much more energy-efficient method of electric propulsion that increases the travel range and life expectancy of the battery pack or allows for smaller batteries for the same range. This is a major improvement to today’s capabilities, and it better meets the expectations of the market, manufacturers, and consumers. eDTS results in:

  •  At Least a 15% reduction in system-level energy consumption,
  •  vehicles lasting longer between charges, and
  •  lower costs due to smaller batteries and better efficiencies.

The “e” in eDTS represents the technology’s flexible nature. eDTS is electric, environmentally friendly, economical, efficient, and emerging. It’s a truly versatile solution that can be used in a broad range of EVs.

Dynamic Torque Switching

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