Using CAN BUS in UAVs

Using CAN BUS in UAVs March 26, 2021 A Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial network technology that was originally designed for the automotive industry but has also become a popular bus in industrial automation as well as other applications. The CAN is a bus-based system that can be used in embedded systems to…


The Importance of a Systems Approach

The importance of a systems approach March 19, 2021 On March 1st, ePropelled introduced a complete line of both power and propulsion products to meet the needs of the UAV industry. Our focus is on providing the highest performing electrical machines on the market. With starter generators and propulsion motors starting at 500 Watts and going up to 12 kW,…


Is There a Silver Lining to COVID-19?

Is there a silver lining to COVID-19? May 21, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic caused stress, anxiety, and unemployment in greater amounts than anyone could have imagined. The amount of cases and deaths are devastatingly tragic. We have lost family, friends, and acquaintances and can’t even hold traditional funerals and memorials to say “goodbye” to these…

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