Solid experience and a bright future

July 21, 2021

ePropelled is gaining momentum and making waves. We caught the attention of DeanHouston+, a strategic marketing company that works with complex industries, who asked to interview our CEO and President, Nick Grewal. They also invited him to participate in their podcast to learn more about what we do and what makes us special. 

During the interview, they covered everything from engineering and EV markets to startup challenges, and Nick’s background. Because talking about startups and their solutions is not enough to understand where they’re going. You need to know where those solutions came from, who develops them, and who champions them. The company and its beginnings are almost as important as its product. Because without solid foundations and business acumen, even the best inventions could fail to make an impact.  

Thankfully, Nick is not only a seasoned technology entrepreneur, but he is also an engineer who knows his industry and realizes that we don’t have time to waste in the electric propulsion market. As he said in the interview:  

“The difference between us and somebody else is we’re a technology company. If you come to us, you’re not going to find a huge factory where we’re assembling that stuff. We don’t want to build bricks and mortar. We want to have the thought then hopefully use somebody else’s bricks and mortar to put it all together. That’s a key here. If you look at the EV business, (the traditional approach is) we’re going to build it, then we’re going to convince people, then we’re going to go through a lot of approvals and then when it’s all said and done, 5 years is up. But we’re not entrepreneurs that are going to sit around for 5 years and not have any revenue.” 

When asked about what made him realize that the electric propulsion was something he should invest in, Nick remembered seeing the Tesla S car and thinking that a better engine must be possible. So he started a new company (he has multiple successful businesses under his belt) and began looking for patents that would help make his vision reality. That’s when the innovative patents of Nabeel Shirazee caught Nick’s eye. He reached out to Nabeel and the rest is history.  

He remembered: 
“I said that we can take this to the sky because this is a birth of a new industry and a new age. There are going to be a hundred car companies doing electric and eventually some of them will win. We like the idea of being inside every vehicle and making the electric motor world more efficient (…) [But] the physics of the whole industry hasn’t gone away. There’s a lot of people working on how quickly you can put energy into the vehicle and how much energy you can actually store in the vehicle and how efficiently you can use that energy without hurting the storage capabilities. That’s where we think we’re going to have something to say about it. I think that’s where the (Electronic Magnetic Gearing) stuff comes in.” 

The beginnings of ePropelled were also discussed in the DeanHouston+ podcast, during which three themes were addressed:

  • The innovation and inspiration behind our technology 
  • Looking beyond the immediate future of EV motor technology 
  • Accelerating entrepreneurial effort 

Each of the sections lasts about 10 minutes, but the whole podcast (just over 35 minutes) is well worth the time it takes to listen.  

To read more about the exciting past AND future of electric propulsion, make sure to read the interview here or listen to the podcast here.  

Watch this space and spread the word. We are making things happen.