No matter how innovative and groundbreaking the solution, getting the word out is half the battle for a young company. And it involves answering a lot of questions. So it’s probably easier to address the main one that businesses like ours are often asked: what is it that you do exactly and what can you do for me? 

In short: we provide vehicle manufacturers with highest-performing electric powertrain solutions to help improve efficiency at a lower cost.  

More specifically, ePropelled’s motor design with adaptive power electronics drive, innovative cooling technology, and real-time torque switching matrix is a game changer for the industry. 

Our patented Dynamic Torque Switching™ (eDTSTM) system increases driving range and life expectancy of the battery pack or allow the manufacturers to reduce the size of the battery pack by at least 15% for the same range. 

Sounds too good to be true? Read on. 

What Makes Your Technology Special? 

Normally, permanent magnet brushless motors can provide variable speed outputs, with their motors generating high torque at low speeds and high speed at low torque levels. But a common problems exists that is tricky to address. Even if the output power of the motor is sufficient, the range of speed and torque characteristics may not be sufficient to cover the desired range.  

Currently, there are only two solutions: 

  • a more powerful motor could be used to cover the entire range, or  
  • mechanical gears could be provided for the motor.  

Unfortunately, both methods add weight to the system, which translates to higher costs. 

This is where ePropelled comes in.  We make it possible for the speed and torque to be varied inside the motor and the only additional item required is a switching circuit.  

Our patented technology for electric propulsion systems is a drive system concept that allows a single electric machine to dynamically change between several modes to provide a much broader range of high efficiencies for low power consumption. The control system is designed to allow the transition between the modes to take place seamlessly to deliver optimum torque, speed, and efficiency characteristics in real time. 

eDTS is a combination of motor design with software control and it produces a much more efficient method of electric propulsion at various torque and speed levels.   

Give Me More Details 

The battery is always a challenge in EV manufacturing and design. Much of the total cost for EVs is in their battery packs. Our eDTS technology increases travel range and life expectancy of the battery pack or allows for smaller batteries for the same range.  

  • We provide at least 15% reduction in system-level energy consumption.  
  • Reduced energy consumption means vehicles can go longer between charges. 
  • Smaller batteries and better efficiency result in lower costs. 

ePropelled technology can improve electric powertrain efficiencies, enabling electric vehicles of all types to drive smarter and farther with: 

  • reduced current at high starting torque, 
  • intelligent systems that provide diagnostic information, 
  • better performance with significantly less current,  
  • extended battery life, and 
  • ICE-like experience. 

Anything Else?

We know that electric car manufacturers, designers, and engineers must keep finding new innovative solutions to make their vehicles more efficient while ensuring that those solutions are financially viable.  

At ePropelled, we believe in a synergistic look at the system as a whole. Size, performance, cost, and level of complexity all play a part in vehicle manufacturing and performance. Our extensive research and patented technology focus on the fact that with these multiple challenges being interlinked, many of the solutions in one area need to contribute to improvements in others. 

Whatever the type of vehicle, it needs the right mix of size, power, and performance to provide the most cost-effective solution for the end user.  ePropelled propulsion systems are the innovation and the technology needed to make the powertrain cheaper and more energy efficient, helping the manufacturer and the consumer. 

If you want to learn more, visit our product page to learn more.