No matter how innovative and groundbreaking the solution, getting the word out is half the battle for any company, and it may involve answering a lot of questions. It’s probably easier to address the main one that businesses like ours are often asked: what is it that you do exactly and what can you do for me? 

In one sentence: ePropelled solves the needs of UAV designers and manufacturers for improved energy and system-level efficiency with hybrid-ready solutions that ensure longer flight times with lighter components.  

More specifically, we understand that many UAV design challenges are interconnected, so solutions in one area need to contribute to improvements in others. ePropelled solves the needs of UAV designers and manufacturers for improved energy and system-level efficiency with hybrid-ready solutions that ensure longer flight times with lighter components. Our systems also help make engines lighter and more efficient while reducing the cost of the overall design.   

What Makes You Special? 

ePropelled has the broadest range of electrical power systems for mission-critical UAV applications. Our systems feature: 

  • unique cooling technology to enable UAVs to fly higher in thinner air where cooling is a challenge, 
  • best-in-class power and thrust-per-weight ratio to meet challenging mission parameters, and 
  • smarter systems—using standards-based CAN—that provide access to all sensor data.  

But what sets ePropelled apart is our key product feature, which is hybrid-ready, enabling a mode of operation that combines an internal combustion engine with electric propulsion. This means that we offer you the unique option to optimize engine size while also being able to use the battery for range extension, emergency landing, or power assist on takeoff.   

ePropelled starter generators can supplement the engine by switching from power-generation mode to power-assist mode, which enables them to draw power from the battery and use it for propulsion.  

Our Intelligent Hybrid Power Assist Unit (iHPAU™) combines: 

  • an internal combustion engine,  
  • a combined starter generator and propulsion motor, and  
  • an intelligent electronic control unit (iECU) with a built-in electronic engine starter and an intelligent air motor controller (iAMC).  

Give Me More Details 

ePropelled solutions offer you: 

  • power systems that are very light, provide multiple outputs and/or charge the on-board battery, 
  • independent electronic engine starters, 
  • starter generators that can operate as propulsion engines,  
  • a combined electronic engine starter and motor controller,  
  • solutions for different voltage profiles and requirements for starter generators and intelligent power systems, and 
  • different modes of power systems: solely for producing electricity on board; starting the internal combustion engine and providing power generation; or doing all of the above and using starter generator as propulsion motor to assist during takeoff and landing.  

Anything Else? 

Power requirements for takeoff and steady flight are very different, which means that you can end up with an engine that is not as fuel efficient as possible, adds weight, reduces flight time, and adds cost to the overall design. 

Our solutions keep the weight and cost low while extending flight time and allowing the aircraft to be self-contained when starting the engine. 

Whatever the type of the UAV, it needs the right mix of size, power, and performance to provide the most cost-effective solutions.  ePropelled provides the innovation and the technology needed to make the final product more energy efficient, helping the manufacturer and the consumer. 

ePropelled high-performance systems are available off the shelf to simplify build processes, but we can also alter designs according to your specific requirements. 

If you want to learn more, let us know and we’d be happy to chat.