The head of EV strategy at ePropelled, David Hudson, was recently interviewed by eMobility Engineering magazine. He was asked to share the details of his long and inspiring career, share how he came to join ePropelled, and explain what exactly our Dynamic Torque SwitchingTM (eDTSTM) technology is all about.  

The introduction 

David has always championed process improvement initiatives and his dedication to innovation led him to ePropelled. He was introduced to us through Embed, a software company that worked with us. Initially, David served as an advisor and our early collaboration led to Tata, Embed, and ePropelled working together, as the article states, “on a demonstrator vehicle for the eDTS technology, under the UK Advanced Propulsion Centre’s Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator programme, which was unveiled and discussed at Cenex-LCV 2021.” 

According to David, what appealed to him most was our R&D’s focus on efficiency. The article quotes him saying that ePropelled’s “technical goals were all about making motors, power electronics and all the related parts lighter and more power-dense. By that time, I’d already spoken at many conferences about the dire need for more efficiency in EVs, especially in emerging markets such as India where EVs were too overpowered, overpriced and ‘over battery-ed’ for buyers to feasibly make good returns on them. 

So we quickly moved forward on the demonstrator to obtain real-world results showing that the eDTS motor could achieve double-digits improvements [across a vehicle’s full range of operating speeds], rather than the 2-3% gains most researchers are aiming for, and without relying solely on simulated or test bed data.” 

An impressive career 

David has over 40 years of automotive leadership experience in engineering and professional services. His career began with Jaguar Cars before moving into automotive consultancy, which saw him working with leading powertrain companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. Before joining ePropelled, David spent a decade with India’s Tata Motors, adding to their technical strength and supporting their electrification strategic plan.  

His varied and dynamic professional life helped him develop extensive knowledge of vehicle and powertrain engineering (including low-carbon technologies) from OEM and external perspectives. Moving to startup at this point in his career is a clear indication of how much trust David has in our systems. He admitted that he leapt at the opportunity when the option to join ePropelled as director of EV strategy presented itself. 

To learn more about David and his thoughts on the new, exciting technology developed by ePropelled, read the article here.