This year’s Cenex-Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV2021) exhibition was a long-awaited event and we were very proud and excited to participate. It brought together innovators and audiences all with a vested interest in low carbon transport and connected mobility, presenting them with cutting edge technologies and enlightening seminars.  

After a long break and with many people unable to attend, the event was a hybrid of in-person and virtual seminars and spanned a whole week allowing for in-depth discussions on topics such as future challenges of EV charging, strengthening the PEMD supply chain, and decarbonizing HDVs.  

ePropelled’s CTO, Dr. Nabeel Shirazee, and Head of EV Strategy, David Hudson, contributed to this knowledge exchange by presenting a session entitled “Using Magnetic Engineering to Improve EV Performance.”  

The session discussed our groundbreaking new electric vehicle propulsion system (eDTSTM, showcased at the event) and included the performance improvements provided by it. 

We were blown away by the interest in our system. What’s more, various media platforms reported on our technology and we couldn’t be prouder that we’ve made such an impact. Nabeel can enthusiastically talk about his work only to limited audiences, so industry media seeing our potential and reporting on our achievements make his (and our) job easier.  

The future of electric propulsion is changing, and ePropelled will be leading the way thanks to the talent within our company and support from the Welsh government and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD 1025 SEEMS) program. It was thanks to the APC and the grant they gave us that we were able to develop our system so quickly. We believe that it was money well spent and we are grateful for the support and trust.  

Sharing the Welsh government’s booth at the event provided us with an unmatched opportunity to reach a wider audience and speak to numerous industry experts, journalists, and analysts. As David Hudson recalls, “It was a very fun event with a great blend of industry figures. And although the number of attendees was lower than the previous Cenex conferences (after all, the pandemic is affecting travel of all kinds), the building was packed.”  

According to David, the event was so full of unmatched opportunities and leaders in the field that Nick Grewal, our CEO and president, kept disappearing for long stretches of time (keen on expanding his knowledge and meeting new people) instead of manning the booth! 

We are thankful to Cenex for organizing such a great event and for their support in putting our technology in front of the right crowds. We’ve had numerous valuable conversations over the few days of the event, met some fascinating people, and had a chance to tell them all about what we do. We are certainly looking forward to attending next year.