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The aerospace market is reaching new heights, with drones used daily in various industries and sectors, from agriculture, through entertainment, to the military. New uses are emerging from last-mile drone delivery to moving cargo between cities and warehouses. And with transportation challenges in busy cities pushing for new ideas and technologies, affordable air taxis are going to become reality soon as passenger-size eVTOLs take flight.

But what does this mean for the industry?

Crashing Down: Challenges 

Advancements in battery energy density, materials science, programming, and simulations have created an exciting new market and growth opportunities for those who understand that the future of aerospace is now.  

But for the industry to keep growing, even more profound changes in (battery and engine) technologies are necessary. Product manufacturers and users want longer and more efficient flight times, which require lighter components.  

Commercial and government markets, manufacturers, and engine builders are all faced with several challenges and needs: 

  • Weight restrictions of internal components 
  • Power and energy consumption 
  • Flight range 
  • Payload 
  • Cost of materials 
  • Power systems enabling hybrid modes  
  • Varying safety compliance requirements 

With these multiple challenges being interconnected, many of the solutions in one area need to contribute to improvements in others. That’s where ePropelled can help with our complete power and propulsion systems for demanding, commercial-scale applications.  

Flying High: Small Solutions, Big Results 

ePropelled is here to provide you with solutions to your energy and system-level efficiency needs. We combine our patent portfolio, our knowledge of magnetics and material science, and design expertise to offer electric power, propulsion, and hybrid systems that deliver:

  • outstanding power to weight ratios,
  • best-in-class efficiency,
  • high reliability,
  • the smartest systems with extensive instrumentation accessed via a CAN interface, and
  • unique cooling features.

Our systems provide electrical power from 500 W to 12 kW and electric propulsion with peak power of up to 20 kW, making them ideally suited for commercial class applications. Our electrical machines are matched with our power electronics. All of our air products are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.

ePropelled has the broadest line of solutions that offer you: 

Hybrid Ready™ UAV line 

One of our key innovations is hybrid-ready electric power system, enabling a mode of operation that combines an internal combustion engine with electric propulsion and onboard power generation. Power requirements for takeoff and steady flight are very different, which means that you can end up with an engine that is not as fuel-efficient as possible, adds weight, reduces flight time, and adds cost to the overall design.

ePropelled is the first vendor to enable the power system to work in hybrid mode by marrying: 

  • your internal combustion engine,  
  • our combined starter generator and propulsion motor,  
  • our intelligent air motor controller with a built-in electronic engine starter, and  
  • our intelligent power system (PMU).  

Our starter generator can be changed from power-generation mode to power-assist mode, enabling it to draw power from the battery and use it for propulsion, thereby supplementing the engine. 

Contact us to learn more about our products and technology.

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