The shape of pool and spa pumps to come

The greatest consumer of electricity in any pool or spa installation is the pump. In many installations there are multiple pumps, circulating water through the filtration and water treatment systems, and driving hydrotherapy jets, water features, and counter-current swimming devices.  

Pool pump design has changed little over the last 50 years, with single or dual speed induction motor powered centrifugal pumps driving many pool systems throughout the world to this day. The biggest change, particularly in the domestic sector, has been the use of composite materials away from cast metal, but the motors turning the impellors inside them are much the same.  

In the last ten or so years, first generation variable speed pumps entered the market and set new standards for performance and efficiency, with consumers who adopted the technology benefitting from greatly reduced running costs. ePropelled is pioneering the next generation variable speed drive technology in the pool and spa industry, which will be unleashed later this year.  

Utilizing the same unique, multi-patented electro-magnetic engineering innovations seen in the products that we market in the defence and aerospace sectors, ePropelled's next generation of motors for pool and spa pumps will be much smaller, much lighter, more efficient, and quieter than current variable speed technologies for the same flow outputs; and a country-mile ahead of single and dual speed induction motors. ePropelled's next generation of pool and spa pump motors will also feature a host of 'smart' IOT features to enhance the ownership experience of the consumer and further reduce energy consumption, and assist the pool/spa professional with invaluable diagnostic and performance data.  

All of which is very timely for our industry when you consider that we are exactly one year away from the introduction in the US of the Department of Energy's Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated Pool Pumps which sets strict energy performance targets for pool pumps. While the directive is not prescriptive about the technologies which will be permitted to feature in pool pumps after 18th July 2021, it effectively means that only variable speed motor equipped pumps will be permissible by law, as this is the only technology capable of meeting the standards set.

So, keep an eye out for the ePropelled logo. It will be coming to a pool and spa pump near you very soon!
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