UAV’s / Aerospace

ePropelled’s Propulsion Motors build on our expertise in electrical machines, material science and magnetic engineering. Our brushless permanent magnetic motors start with a frameless pancake form factor. This allows us to be more efficient in space utilization while providing maximum flexibility in mounting options.


Commercial UAV applications from delivery to security to transporting passengers, require UAVs to stay airborne for extended periods, carry larger payloads and minimize the noise level in operating areas. As a result, designers are looking to electric motors for aerospace propulsion applications. These applications require compact, light, energy-efficient components that can contribute to a platform’s size, weight & power coefficient.


ePropelled's series are the most versatile starter generators in its category. Its slim line design boasts a patent pending active air cooling system that allows it to operate in temperatures in excess of 200°C. Our unique adapter allows bearingless mounting of the starter generator directly on to engines. The outer rotor series boasts the lowest weight in its class with outstanding power density.


Power Management Units provide the highest level of flexibility to meet your exact requirements. We use a unique modular design and all secondary outputs are programmable. There is an optional Electronic Engine Starter (EES) function on our starter generator to start the engine. Once the engine up to speed, the Power Management Unit delivers regulated voltages. If for any reason the starter generator stops working, a backup battery can automatically come online and provide the regulated voltages for a fixed duration, depending on battery size. Our Power Management Units are designed to provide power over a wide RPM range. Units are lightweight, have forced air cooling and are highly efficient to minimize fuel consumption.