What is Magnetic Engineering Technology?

“Magnetic Engineering” is at the heart of ePropelled's innovations. Magnetic technology and magnetic propulsion is how we have solved some very difficult problems.

What is Magnetic Engineering?

Nabeel Shirazee, ePropelled's CTO, explains how we apply magnetic engineering in this 1-minute video.

Electromagnetic Propulsion

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Our patented magnetic gearing technology is a combination of motor design and software control that produces a more efficient method of electric propulsion at various torque and speed levels. Our products can deliver a 25% improvement in efficiency and a major increase in performance.  In the propulsion market this translates into reduced cost by reducing battery packs or extending range or a combination of the two.  This is critical to delivering the performance, range, and cost that customers demand.


Our product creates the optimum drive ratio which results in high starting torque without drawing high current from the batteries. Field weakening is not required at high speeds and the efficiency of the motor is kept high. Our software allows the manufacturer to accommodate a wide range of performance profiles including high acceleration on the same platform.


Manufacturers need to deliver Electric Vehicles that meet the users requirements for range.  Cars, buses, taxis, two-wheelers, trucks and UAVs all have specific range requirements in order to compete with fuel-injected versions.  Performance gains can be applied to deliver significant improvements in range.


Our technology can be used to reduce battery pack cost and weight which is the largest cost component in any Electric Vehicle today. Moreover, the performance profiles and control of our technology helps to extend the battery life. Our technology can be used with or without a gearbox which can reduce additional cost and weight.

Propulsion Motors

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ePropelled has developed a novel design magnetic characteristics of our propulsion motor/generator coupled with our software based MagGearingTM  controller. This means that we can change the performance characteristics of the motor/generator to extend the speed/torque range of a motor and achieve a 25% improvement in efficiency. The Electric Vehicle manufacturers can use this improvement to extend range, recue battery cost or a combination of both.  All while delivering the performance the consumer wants.

UAV applications range from consumer to commercial to security applications.  Smaller drones rely on electric motors for propulsion so cost and performance are critical issues to meet your customer’s applications.

Electric motors will benefit from  the significant performance improvements ePropelled delivers.  Our technology improves motor performance allowing the manufacturer to reduce the cost and weight with smaller battery packs, extending range or a combination of both.



EMG can also be applied to generators.  We have products that address both Range Extender and Starter Generator applications for both vehicle and aerospace applications.

Cooling is a persistent challenge. ePropelled has a patent pending housing design, our Cast Cooling Jacket, that elegantly addresses this problem.

  • Lower production cost than any current liquid cooling jacket
  • Improved thermal properties of the motor/generator
  • Increased life of the windings
  • Increase in motor/generator efficiency

The main maintenance problem with the current forms of wind generator comes from gearbox failures. The complex interaction between components of the gearbox causes vibrations which leads to failures during normal operating conditions.

Wind generator companies have now turned to direct drive systems for a solution; Eliminating the gearbox means a more reliable system.  An EMG based direct drive without a gearbox will generate a smoother, wider power output range.