Propulsion Motors


ePropelled’s Propulsion Motors build on our expertise in electrical machines, material science and magnetic engineering. Our brushless permanent magnetic motors start with a frameless pancake form factor.  This allows us to be very efficient in space utilization while providing maximum flexibility in mounting options.

Frameless stators and rotors are ideal for applications requiring high power in a compact form factor and are engineered to provide the high performance, long life and simple installation that today’s users demand.

Cooling and efficiency are key to our propulsion motors. Our brushless systems can provide better performance while surviving a great variety of operating conditions and offer improved efficiency and heat dissipation. ePropelled's propulsion motor can operate at up to 200°C and our motors support specific power up to 6kW/kg.

ePropelled’s advanced electromagnetic propulsion design delivers maximum torque while supporting a wide speed range.

  • High density form factor to minimize motor envelope
  • Eliminates coupling devices, reducing overall machine size
  • Best in class temperature rating
  • Outstanding power to weight ratio